Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bioderma in Brighton

This is pretty niche and will only matter to you if 1) you live in Brighton and 2) cannot live without Bioderma. It's a pretty essential part of my cleansing routine and is the only thing that I will use to remove makeup - there has already been so much about this product on the internet there's no need for me go over it. Either way I've always ordered mine online or stocked up while in France. I've been searching for a local pharmacy in Brighton/Hove for ages and finally found one that stocks not only Bioderma but a whole host of other French pharmacy products which I am seriously chuffed about. The Glaisyer & Kemp Pharmacy in Hove (24 Church Road Hove East Sussex BN3 2FN) have a good selection and even sell the tiny 100ml bottles.

If anyone knows any other pharmacies in Brighton that sells Bioderma please please do share!

Jade x
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