Friday, 12 September 2014

Lush Face Masks

Lush masks have been my go to face saviours for years now and I think I've tried most of them, although I do like a lot of the formulas I think I've found the 'ones' that I'm going to mostly stick with.

I've recently come back from my last (sob) summer holiday of the year, I went to Italy with my best friend for a few days and had the best time ever, due in no small part to the fact that prosecco is served in giant wine glasses that come in at around €3! We'd found the motherland...
The trouble with too much fun is that it leaves my skin looking dull, bedraggled and spotty so for the last week I've been doing a regular face mask with Lush Cosmetic Warrior which I think has been really helping. It's an excellent mask packed full of great ingredients, my only gripe is I hate the smell of it, it's alright when you first apply it and you mostly smell the tea tree oil but as it dries there is an overpowering smell of wet dog (it's the only thing I could think of to describe it). It might be the garlic in it but whatever, I put up with it because of the results. It is also a great morning after the night before mask if you can deal with the smell...which can be tricky if you're feeling a little peaky!
Oatifix is another wonderful mask and I love it for those dry skin days, this is going to be a staple during autumn and winter. It smells lovely and leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturised and it's not at all stripping. I would recommend applying it to mostly dry skin (I remove makeup and cleanse before applying these masks) I found it just slipped off wet skin and plopped on to the floor!

Two others I've tried more recently have been BB Seaweed and Love Lettuce - neither of them are bad masks I just prefer Cosmetic Warrior and Oatifix. Love Lettuce is quite abrasive so be careful if you have sensitive skin - the almond shell reminded me of the texture of St Ives Apricot scrub of my teenage years. BB Seaweed is actually pretty good I just found the large strips of seaweed kind of clogged my bath! Gross! And it started to smell pretty funky well before the expiry date.
All these masks are fresh and therefor have to be kept in the fridge it does mean they are lovely and cooling on your skin when you apply them. They usually last for about a month and cost £6.25 from Lush stores....I have my eye on Catastrophe Cosmetic which I think I am going to try next!

Jade x

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