Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dupe for Essie Merino Cool

I found a dupe by accident, I was in a Kiko store a few weeks ago and there was a deal on nail polishes (€2!!) so I picked up a few of them as any sane person would...a side note about this Kiko store - the sales people were so crazy pushy that we decided we couldn't go back once we'd left! This was a store in Italy so I don't know if this is the same with London but by the time I'd got to the till 4 people had started to tell me about this 'amazing' new product in store and the cashier refused to do the transaction until she had told me about their new eyeliner which I already had in my basket - what the hell?! Anyway rant over.

While organising my ridiculous nail polish collection I noticed that the romantically named 320 nail polish by Kiko is near enough identical to the Essie Merino Cool. I got the Kiko polish on offer for €2 so the Essie polish is about 5 times the price.

The Essie formula is nicer, the brush is better and it lasts ever so slightly longer than the Kiko polish. Saying that I really like the Kiko nail polish formula but it is thinner than Essie so you have to do two coats letting them dry in between but for that much cheaper I know which I will repurchase - if I can ever go back into a Kiko store after my traumatising last attempt!

I love an Essie dupe so if anyone knows any others please let me know!

Jade x

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