Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Talbot Inn, Mells

While staying with my parents in Bath last weekend we visited the Talbot Inn at Mells, about 40 minutes drive away. We went for a Sunday roast and it was pretty tasty.

For starters two of us had the langoustine bisque
It was heavenly but seriously creamy and I couldn't have eaten much more than this - the other two had devilled chicken hearts on toast. Again delicious but the texture of chicken heart is not really for me...
Then there was the roasts - my father and Michael went for the rare roast beef.
Claudette and I had the sharing board with a little bit of every roast on offer - slow cooked mutton, chicken and the beef. The homemade bread sauce, mint jelly and horseradish were excellent as was the mutton and chicken. The beef was a little too tough for me and sadly they forgot some of our veg so it came out late and the cauliflower cheese (usually my favourite) was a bit cold.
Most of us were too stuffed for pudding but Michael had the honey sponge and vanilla ice cream - it's not a looker but the flavour was spectacular.
Then we finished the wine and trundled on into the warm afternoon, full and tired.
If you are ever in the area I would recommend a stop at the Talbot Inn. Mells is very pretty as well, shame I was too full and a bit too pissed to get any more snaps!

Jade x

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