Monday, 16 June 2014

Holiday Countdown! One week to go...

How to get holiday ready in 7 days...

This is not a post about how to lose 2 stone in a week, it's not going to happen. I have now come to terms with the fact that I won't be a size 8 by the time I head off on holiday to France next week but I'm ok with that. Nevertheless I have a pretty detailed plan of action for getting holiday ready - a wise woman (or man) once said "if you can't tone, tan" and I completely agree with this sentiment. Now this is more of a DIY guide to getting holiday ready - I don't have very much extra cash stashed away and besides I want to save my pennies to spend on holiday. If you have a bit more dosh to throw at the situation then some of this won't be for you...I am planning on doing all my own spray tanning, waxing (this is a first for me, I have always been of the opinion that waxing is something that should be left to the professionals and I may come back to this opinion once I have given it a go myself...)as well as a DIY pedicure and manicure.
Firstly let's start with exfoliation - no one needs to be told that the key to a decent spray tan result starts with buffed skin! In the weeks before a holiday I dry body brush twice a day using the Body Shop natural bristle brush using long strokes towards the heart making sure I stick to the routine in the week before a holiday. I do this before going in the shower and week I use the Body Shop's olive oil body scrub with an exfoliating mitt (just one I picked up from Superdrug). Every other day I will follow all of this up by moisturising with the Palmers Coco Butter Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion - I don't know about the 'anti-aging' claims but it has alpha/beta hydroxy in it which helps to exfoliate any dry skin. It smells pretty funky so I don't put it on if I'm leaving the house - it's more before bed so my long suffering other half has to put up with it!
Let's not forget the face - I like to use this Guinot face peel twice in the week before I leave in the hope bright, radiant skin will be mine for the duration of the trip.
Next up is feet - I always do my own pedicures, they are a faff but I think I do just as good a job if not better than when I've had them professionally done and they last for ages. I used a product called Footner from Boots to get the dry skin off my feet before my last holiday but it costs £20! So this year I am trying a substitute I got on eBay for a fiver, I've done this 7 days before we leave, it says it take 3-5 days to work. Basically you get these plastic socks filled with an exfoliating gel that you leave on for an hour. 5 days later the skin falls off in the most disgusting but satisfying manner leaving you with soft silk theory, I've not trued this one before so we'll see. Then you are ready to give them a pamper and I'm going to be using Essie Meet Me at Sunset on my toes - it's just the perfect holiday orange.
Two days before we jet off I'm going to do a DIY leg and bikini wax followed by a spray tan. I love and have always used L'Oreal Sublime Bronze in dark tan (currently on offer in Boots). I think it just gives a lovely even tan that fades well, is a breeze to apply and has never stained.

Then all there is to do is head off on holiday!!! I cannot wait!

Jade x

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