Friday, 13 June 2014

Sunny Brighton Walk & Dinner Shopping

The weather has been stunning (fingers crossed this isn't going to be our lot for summer!) and Brighton is at its very best when the sun comes out to play. We went for a stroll through the park and along the beach.

St Ann's Well Garden in Hove is a lovely leafy park with tennis courts, a great cafe, loads of squirrels, table tennis, dog walkers and award winning loos (I'm not even joking!). It's a great place to avoid the crowds on the seafront on hot, busy Brighton weekends.
I find it really weird when you're speaking to someone and can't see their eyes so even though I love these sunglasses from ASOS I feel like have to take them off if I'm chatting with someone...
I got to mess around with my new camera lens and took a few arty (naff!) shots.
We went down for a paddle - there was a weird funky smell coming from the beach/sea so I was reluctant to get stuck in but he did...I think he spotted a diaper - only joking.
Taj is an excellent speciality grocer where you can get some great exotic ingredients alongside your more standard fare as well some pretty good take-away curry. I get salt fish from Taj, it's part of the national dish of St. Lucia where I come from and it can be difficult to get hold of outside of London. I am going to try and post a recipe of salt fish and green figs (a type of green banana) soon.
Barons Pepper Sauce! All the way from St. Lucia - I used to carry it back with me when I went home or get my parents to bring bottles out for me so I was over the moon when I found out you could get it in Taj!
Jade x

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